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The Eastern University Film Programme – Comments

December 28, 2014

Comments of the guest lecturer Dr. Bernardo Brown

” The Film Program at Eastern University is a unique cultural bridge that brings local
students and researchers into contact with academic visitors from around the country and
the world. The space for dialogue that it generates uses film as a starting point but expands
in many directions, enriching the intellectual imagination of all participants. I believe that
this initiative truly welcomes congenial conversations on diverse cultural and art topics that
are at the core of academic life and encourages fruitful exchanges amongst everyone
involved. In this sense, the Film Program plays a fundamental role in placing Eastern
University at the heart of Batticaloa’s intellectual world ”.

Bernardo E. Brown, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Asia Research Institute
National University of Singapore


The Film Programme Organized by Centre for Sri lankan Studies

Collaborative partner The  Eastern University, Sri Lanka

Sponsored by US Embassy  Colombo

Photos – Eastern University Film Programme July

December 27, 2014

Centre for Sri Lankan Studies

Eastern University Film Appreciation Programme July













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Documentary Film screening Event

December 6, 2014

A Documentary Film by Waruni Anuruddhika





Photos – the Eastern University Film Programme November 2014

November 24, 2014

The Eastern University Monthly Film Appreciation Programme   was held at the The faculty of Health Care Sciences on 22nd of November. ‘Hannah Arendt’ and ‘Victoria Home’ was screened along with the introduction and the discussion. Dr. Krian Grewal attened to the programme as a guest lecture.

   DSCN3163    DSCN3165

   DSCN3149    DSCN3150

DSCN3152   DSCN3155    DSCN3159

   DSCN3171    DSCN3173

DSCN3175   DSCN3182   DSCN3187



Film Screening Event at Sarvodaya – Batticaloa

November 22, 2014

Documentary film ‘Victoria Home ‘  by Waruni Anuruddhika will be screening g at Sarvodaya  Batticalo on 22nd of November at 7.00 p.m.

The Eastern University Film Programme November 2014

November 17, 2014

The closing ceremony and the final programme of the Eastern University Monthly Film Appreciation Programme will be held  on 22nd of November at the Faculty of Health Care Sciences.

Guest lecture by Dr. Kiran Grewal

Programme Schedule

9.30 to 10.30 Inauguration

10.30 to 1.30 Guest Lecture , Film Screening and Discussion

2.00 to 2.30 Evaluation

2.30 to 5.30 Film Screening, Discussion

Entrance Free


About the Guest lecturer

“Dr Kiran Grewal is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Sydney, Australia. Kiran has worked in a variety of fields: as a legal practitioner in Australia, for international NGOs in the UK and Sierra Leone and as a lecturer in human rights and social justice. Her areas of research experience are sexual violence, women’s rights and international law. She is currently managing a project aimed at enhancing the capacity of Sri Lankan and Nepali military and police to protect and promote human rights.”




Basic CMYK


Photos – The Eastern University Film Programme October 2014

November 17, 2014

The Eastern University Film Programme October 2014

CAM04454   CAM04455   CAM04456

CAM04457   CAM04458   CAM04459

CAM04464   CAM04466    CAM04477

CAM04478   CAM04479    CAM04480

CAM04481   CAM04482    CAM04483

CAM04484   CAM04485    CAM04489

CAM04490   CAM04472    CAM04475

CAM04476    CAM04490

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